Top 5 Similar Games like Pokémon

Pokémon just celebrated its 20th birthday this year. The first game was launched way back in February 1996 on Nintendo Gameboy. Since the era of Pokémon Red and Blue Pokémon for iphone has evolved for several consoles including multiple Android devices and iOS devices (sometimes mediated by an emulator). However there are thousands of people all over the world who have played and replayed the existing Pokémon games uncountable number of times.


We crave for newer versions of Pokémon games every waking moment, but looks like we will have to wait quite a bit before Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon see the light of day. In the meanwhile why don’t we satiate our thirst for Pokémon like card and adventure games with similar gameplays and graphics options?

Here’s a list of 5 games just like Pokémon which you can play to pass your time.

  1. Harvest Moon

Rune Factory came up with the concept and design of Harvest Moon. The game begins when you choose a character and land in a deserted island. There you are greeted by an island sprite who gives you a myriad of tasks including farming, rearing pets and cattle, meeting new villagers and much more through which you earn reward points. The Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is now available for Nintendo 3DS and each version holds something new for players.

  1. Digimon Story

If you are a Pokémon fan you must have heard about Digimon by now. There have been a number of debates regarding their similarities and differences, but at the end of the day Digimon remains any Pokémon lover’s second preference. It is a game which has all kinds of versions from classic Nintendo influenced modes to the latest Cyber Sleuth which is made exclusively for the PS4 gamers.

  1. Zenforms: Protectors

Calis Projects designed and developed Zenforms. The aim of the game, the design and gameplay is very similar to that of Pokémon. The players are transported to a 2 dimensional world is planet Gaia where they have to capture the rogues and train them to join their sides. The Zenform abilities enable the players to capture more wildlings and become Grand Protector of Gaia.

  1. Mino Monsters

This is the twin sister of Pokémon in every aspect possible. Mino Monsters is from Mino Monsters Inc who swears by adventure, action, puzzle and RPG to transport you to the magic land of MinoMonsters. They can be trained and used to form battle teams just like Pokémon to conquer new land and new monsters.

  1. Monster Squad

This is a wonderful adventure RPG from Nexon M Inc. for all kinds of Android and iOS platforms. The game comprises of multiple enthralling levels based on different mystic islands. In this game you can capture and train the monsters just like the previous few to form your own battalion. All the above game will available on iTune when iPhone 8 will release.