Samsung Galaxy S8: the new flagship phone of 2017

Considering the fact that almost all Samsung Galaxy S models were launched between the months of March and may, the next scope for the release of a fresh Galaxy model is the second quarter of 2015. Rumors are, the global android market will see the S8 in April next year. And this time, the battle between the two tech giants, Apple and Samsung will be something to look out for.


Camera stories

Apple is introducing new camera technologies which are expected to provide professional grade photos. Samsung is not one to fall behind, the new Galaxy S8 will launch with a dual-lens 30 MP rear camera with auto-image stabilization, smile detection and easy share options. Samsung isn’t forgetting the selfie-lovers either, they can enjoy a 12 MP front camera with more or less the same features with multitudes of selfie-friendly options. In short, Samsung has geared up to give a strong competition to Apple.

Display, VR and more

The flagship device from Samsung will also flaunt a 4K UHD display. The tech leader is already known for its amazingly detailed and costly OLED displays which distinguishes their products from the rest of the Android market. However, this time, Samsung has taken an extra step and ensured that the users get a high resolution user experience with the high 830 ppi pixel density. But we have not yet gotten to the best part of the rumor. There’s another school which believes that Samsung will be launching their VR with the new model. Well, with Sony and HTC coming up with amazing VR platforms it was only a matter of days before the engineers at Samsung designed something of their own to keep up!

But how are they planning on keeping up with the fast processors?

This time, Samsung is upping their core game. By which we mean that Samsung will be launching the S8 with nothing less than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 3.2 GHz octa-core processor. This monster processor will be paired with a 6 GB RAM for maximum processing speed. Now couple that with an internal, expandable 64 GB memory and we have the winner of the most user friendly, flexible and fastest mobile device from Android in 2017 and possibly for the next few years to come.

It’s all in the connectivity

Samsung S8 will come with single SIM and dual SIM options. According to multiple rumors, the second SIM slot can be used as a port for a MicroSD card. The proposed configuration of S8 should support up to 128 GB of external memory with any slogging off. To increase flexibility and connectivity, both the S8 and S8 Edge models will be coming with a USB Type C support. Now this will make S8 models the first among a legacy of Samsung models to come with such features. All this connectivity option also available on Galaxy Note 7.

Get the juice

So many features definitely need a sound battery backup system. Now the expectations are for a 4000 mAh battery which can be charged via a mobile, wireless charger. In addition to that, the phone will feature quick charging options that will enable the S8 users to recharge the juice faster than ever imagined!