Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: 4 Things That We Want to See

Resident Evil is certainly one of the most enduring gaming franchises in the world. It has also spawned legions of followers, generations of fans, and an entire movie series. The newest entry in this franchise will be Resident Evil 8, a game that promises to deliver as much fun to the gamers as the other previous games have. That being said, we believe that this fan-made Resident Evil 8 wishlist will go a long way in ensuring that the new game is as popular as ever.

Resident Evil 8 wishlist
Resident Evil 8 wishlist

Resident Evil 8 Wishlist: What We Want To See

Already, Resident Evil 7, the immediate predecessor, is one of the most explosive and feature packed games to have ever been launched. Despite this, there are still some areas in which some improvements can be made. We have devised this Resident Evil 8 wishlist based on what can be achieved in the game previously and what can be realistically achieved.

  • More types of weapons: The more, the merrier, as they say. Instead of the staid old weaponry, we can choose to have access to more types of weapons, something to kill the infected with. While shotguns and pistols have had their say as far as the previous games are concerned, we need more melee weapons to add more variety. In the more advanced levels, to make the game even tougher to surmount, the developers may choose to arm the players with quaint weapons, if only to kill the antagonists even better. A Mauser wouldn’t hurt. Neither will a rocket launcher.
  • Bring back Ethan Winters: Winters is the quintessential everyman that everyone can choose to emulate. This makes it even better for the gaming enthusiast, as the character had also made his mark in RE7. Just make him say a few witty one-liners and he might just be the next Ash Williams, someone who can carry the franchise on his broad shoulders.

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  • Create more puzzling scenarios: Killing the infected hordes is fine. Killing them while solving a puzzling situation is like having your cake and eating it too. We need some of the elements from the Baker residence such as the shotgun puzzle.
  • Better pacing: Pacing and timing are everything. This does not mean that the Resident Evil 7 game was slow in any way. That pace must be retained to make the new RE8 game a bumper success. Making the game slightly more convoluted is also an advantage which Capcom might put to good use.

Wrap up

Should the new game get all the features of the Resident Evil 8 wishlist, we would love it. As would the developers, who would smile all the way to the bank.