Next flagship device of LG will release in April

Every year we see hundreds of phones from different companies. So many phones and so many companies to choose from, but you cannot buy all, isn’t it? There have been rumours since quite a long time about the release of the LG G6 during November – December of this year. However, after the G4 by G during April of this month, LG might want to postpone the release of G5 to provide a decent gap between its flagships.


LG G4 had done very well in the market and with it; LG has set the bar high for its successor in the form of G5. After all, it isn’t only its predecessor that the LG G5 needs to beat, it is also the so many phones coming up from all the new and pre – existing companies as well. we will wait for Surface Pro 5

The phone is expected to be priced at $900 and of course it has incorporated a whole new set of advanced features in the phone. The features are indeed quite astounding; from the impressive 5.6-inch screen having a 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution to the True HD IPS. The Corning Gorilla Glass continues to be present for protection purpose. Apart from the basic display features, the G5 also has a powerful 1.8 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset to enhance its performance. A 3 GB RAM adds up to all the star features of the phone. Next comes the memory in store. The G5 comes in three variants in terms of memory: 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. With all this in store, the G5 has a sleek all metal body to accommodate all of these!

 Next important thing is the camera; these days the most important for many. The front shooter is a whooping 10 MP while the rear camera is an impressive 20 MP. With these, additional features in the phone include auto focus, face detection as well as gesture detection technology. The front camera also is likely to support iris scanning technology which will help unlock and lock the phone.

Additional features include touch ID technology and a 4000 mAh battery.

At the end of all, users are now looking for something different and something very appealing. After G4 has done so well in the market, G5 has a lot of eyes and hands waiting to put it to use. If LG G5 pro is going to have all that has been said, it will surely be a success. The phone will help LG rebuild its image or may be make it worth entering into the high end competition among the Smartphone companies.

With all that G5 has in store for us, let us wait and watch until it hits the market in a couple of days or may be a couple of months! Let the wait begin now!

So this is it for now. Happy waiting folks!