iphone 7 latest rumors and news

Smartphone market is growing by storm these days. We see smartphones launched every day, either budget or flagship devices. However, Apple, which is world’s top smartphone manufacturing company, has a different view regarding this. Apple launches iPhones once a year only or twice if we look at 2015 as it launched iPhone’s baby brother, iPhone SE which was just an iPhone 5S with a bit of better things. Well, the time is now to talk about the iPhone 7. Apple always changes the design of their iPhones every two years and we have seen similar looking iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S so its fans have high hopes regarding that.



Apple has tried hard to make the iPhone 7 look slimmer and they have done it yet again. However, Apple is still going for the similar design with the iPhone 7. The major changes in its design include the removal of the antenna bars which were present at the back or the device. This means that you will only get antenna bars on the top and the bottom edge of the iPhone 7.

No 3.5 mm Jack

Yes, you have heard it right that Apple is going to ditch the 3.5 mm jack in the iPhone 7 and will includes new set of earpods which will connect through its lightning port. This decision will definitely see mixed reactions as some might not want to switch to the lightning port as they will no longer be able to watch movies or listen to songs while charging their phone. But this will also give superior music quality and lossless sound.

AMOLED Display
iPhone 7 will be sporting an AMOLED Display with the 4K display resolution. Users have been complaining about the display and this will definitely be great news for them. Most importantly, iPhone 7 will come with iOS 10.

32 GB Base Storage

iPhone 6S was launched with the 4K video recording capabilities but the base model still had 16 GB of storage which is just not enough to record any 4K video in an iPhone as it takes up a lot of space. That is why Apple is now upgrading the base storage space to 32 GB and it will climb up to 256 GB in the higher end model.

New Colors

Now users will be able to choose between two more colors, Space Black and Deep Blue. The Space Black color is the black color and it will be replacing the Space Grey color and the Deep Blue is the dark blue color which will look perfect on the iPhone 7.


Prices for the new breed of iPhones will start from Rs. 60,000 and climb up to Rs. 95,000 for the top spec model. Apple is set to launch iPhone 7 in September, 2016.