How to Install iMessage on PC – Complete Guide

iMessage an Apple product for its devices to provide messaging service. iMessage is not like a regular standard messaging app which allows users only text that too with a limit of 160 characters. iMessage allows you to send text, photos, videos, documents even your location to other users who are using an iMessage. All the features are without any limitations and that too for free of cost. Since its launch iMessage had a been installed in more than a billion devices which make it one of the best available messaging app for smartphones.However, themajor disadvantage with iMessage is it is only available for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. iMessage users also cannot send messages to friends or family who do not use an Apple device.


How to Install iMessage on PC

Many people like to use iMessage or individuals who have previously used iMessage mostly like to use iMessage because all their friend and chat sessions are in iMessage.

What should we do to install iMessage on a PC with Windows OS 7 or greater? We can use an emulator like iPadian which makes your PC into aniPad, and you can install and use most of the App Store app into this software and run the apps as if you are using an iPad. This is the best way to get iMessage into your PC without any serious violations of Apple like jailbreaking of iPhone.

Steps to install iMessage in PC

Step 1# Go to website download the iPadian software which will be present on the home page of the website.

Step 2#While installing the software make sure you do not install other recommended app and click “Decline.”

Step 3#After installing the iPadian app run the emulator.

Step 4#Now go and click the App Store Icon present in the screen and search for iMessage.

Step 5#Now install the iMessage app into the emulator and set it up and you will be able to use iMessage in PC.

This is the one of the best available option as of now which install iMessage into PC without any hassle. Now you can connect to all your friends and family and chat and share with them. Not just the iMessage most of the apps that work in iPad will work in the iPadian emulator.

There are other ways to access iMessage in your PC for which you will need either a Mac or iPhone. With Mac users need to install any remote Desktop apps and need to set the apps in such a way that Mac screen and input devices are mirrored in the PC which is another best way to use iMessage in PC. Another option with iPhone is also similar to Mac but users need to jailbreak your iPhone and install Sydia on your device and install “Remote Messages” app which is a paid app that mirrors your iPhone screen onto your PC desktop.

These are the options that are available to access iMessage on PC. We all know that Apple is very seriousabout protecting its Software and designs so these options may change over time if Apple tightens its security.