FIFA 18 Gameplay All Set to Witness the Return of a Particular Skilled Move

The gamers have been long waiting for the official updates on the gameplay of the new game in the FIFA franchise from the developers of the game EA Sports. And to be very honest we have come across quite a few in the recent past. The latest one which has come out has revealed further information regarding the FIFA 18 gameplay.

The new video which has come up has brought to light the fact that a skilled move modifier is going to make a comeback into the game. The Bridge’ skill move has been long missing from the games in the FIFA series. In fact, it was way back in FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 that we last came across this particular skilled move. And the latest video makes sure that this new move is all set to make a comeback into the gameplay of FIFA 18(

In this skilled move, the player who is in possession will tap the ball away from an opponent and then run round that particular player to regain position. In the video we find Antoine Griezmann performing this move. And in the game, the gamer needs to knock the analog twice, and the action will follow on the playing field. This is one of the most humiliating ways in which you can get past a defender. It often turns out to be a demoralizing one as well.

Gameplay of FIFA 18
FIFA 18 gameplay

Before this, we have come across the fact that there is going to be a new crossing system in the FIFA 18 gameplay as well. You can deliver as many as three types of crosses. And that has been confirmed by the previous video which came out a few days back. Surely playing the game will become even more exciting for the gamers once FIFA 18 gets released in the month of September.

One more thing that has grabbed the attention of the gamers is the fact that EA Sports has been working really hard in order to bring realism into the gameplay of FIFA 18. And that has become evident in the two videos which have come out. In one Cristiano Ronaldo, the cover star of the game, has been spotted taking a free-kick in his signature style while in the other one has been seen making a skilled move.

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Final Words

So it can be stated that FIFA 18 gameplay is going to be one of the best that the gamers have ever come across in this particular series. One stay assured about the fact that there is going to be more number of such videos coming our way in the coming days. So stay updated regarding all those, you need to keep coming back here.