FIFA 17 Vs PES 17 A Comprehensive Comparison

FIFA from EA Sports and PES are the most played football video games worldwide. FIFA is the oldest and successful football video game with its initial release in 1993 and since then it had many overhauls and changes over the years. PES had been the major competitor to the FIFA series since its launch in 2001. As of 2012 both game series are one of the top-selling video game franchises with 100 million copies of FIFA series and 81 million copies of PES sold.

Both FIFA and PES release their games every year in the month of September and this year they are releasing FIFA 17 and PES 17 on September 29th and 15th respectively. Here is a comprehensive comparison of both the games.

fifa 17 vs pes 17


FIFA 17 had made a significant change to its game engine by shifting to FrostBite engine which powers many successful franchises like NFS, Battlefield, and Star Wars. It provides more realistic players, stadiums, and immersion into the virtual worlds.

On the other hand, PES 17 runs on FOX engine which also used by one more game Metal Gear 5. PES 17 had good graphics and lightings, but they are not as good or realistic as FIFA 17.


Both FIFA and PES are bringing new features to the gameplay for 2017 editions. FIFA has a major change to the set pieces, improved Active Intelligence system, better ball control, and new attaching techniques.

PES also had many upgrades to its gameplay features with precise passing, total team control, corner kick control, adaptive AI and natural player movement. These make the game more enjoyable to play the game.


As it is known that FIFA had all the major Pro Leagues in its catalog. It is also adding more regional leagues to attract worldwide gamers. This year FIFA had added two Japanese Leagues J-League and J-League Cup. Outside the League licenses it had also brought licenses for some top coaches and Managers to add in the game.

PES 17 had more additions to its licensed teams with Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Arsenal. PES had added an interesting feature called custom kit editor which gives players option to add their personal names to the teams and players.


FIFA for the first time adds a story mode called Journey Mode where players will play asAlex Hunter a talented young player and help him to rise to the top of the League. Excluding the new Journey mode FIFA had the previous Career, Ultimate and Manager Modes. PES hadn’t given much information about the addition of any leagues, but it had the regular Kick off mode and hoping it will come up with an answer for FIFA Ultimate mode.


Even in the platforms, FIFA is ahead of the PES with FIFA 17 supporting to Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360. PES 17 didn’tsupport the smartphone and had to PS 3, PS 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 consoles and Microsoft Windows.