Borderlands 3 Teasers Indicate an Imminent Announcement from Gearbox

When 2017 first rolled around, we were all hoping to get some solid confirmation about Borderlands 3 from the creators. However, all has been quiet on that front, with developer Gearbox not letting out even the slightest peep regarding what to expect from the game. However, the one thing that they have constantly been doing is letting out an unofficial Borderlands 3 teaser now and then.

Prominent Borderlands 3 Teasers We Have Seen Until Now

While there is still no concrete information about what the future holds for the upcoming game, the fact that Borderlands 3 release date is upon us soon is no secret. That fact itself has been suggested by none other than the developers of the upcoming title. During the last few years, when fans have been clamoring for some updates about the future of the series, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford had said that the next Borderlands game was going to be the biggest one in the franchise so far. However, while he has not said anything explicitly since then, a host of information he has been teasing suggests that development is well underway.

One of the very first Borderlands 3 teasers this year arrived at the GDC 2017 when the studio’s tech demo showed off parts of the game in progress. We saw some advanced graphics technology, unfinished landscapes, and above all, a character with her identity kept hidden.

teasers of Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3 teasers

After this, fans were all but sure that Borderlands 3 game was indeed in development. But as the year went further, we saw more teases arrive. One of them came in the form of a picture posted by Pitchford while he was shooting for an unnamed game along with noted illusionist duo Penn and Teller.

Moreover, Borderlands fans found some hidden Easter eggs inside Battleborn DLC, which looked too deliberate to be dismissed as something born out of over analysis. The message uncovered from the DLC carried explicit references to “Prometea” (which has to have connections with “Promethea” in the Borderlands lore), and recurring character Patricia Tannis. If what has been deciphered is correct, then this Borderlands 3 teaser indicates that the story may take a very different turn when the Borderlands 3 release date surfaces.

Other related information has given fans clues about some character details as well, but it is not known whether the final product will reflect those upon launch.

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Wrap Up

It is good to know that the lack of official information about the release date of the upcoming game has not hampered the excitement surrounding the series in the least. In addition, all the Borderlands 3 teasers seem to be adding up as well, leaving us to wonder if we will hear the imminent announcement soon.