Best Alternatives of Kik Messenger

Using Kik for PC is quite difficult, so here we are sharing you some great alternatives to it. There are many social networking apps in the era of 2k. Kik messenger is one of the crowns. But sometimes users get bored using Kik messenger every time. That’s why they may need a change. That’s we need some best alternatives of Kik messenger.

kik alternatives

Best Alternatives of Kik Messenger

WhatsApp: The first one is WhatsApp. Everyone uses it on their smartphone and we don’t need to introduce it further. This world famous messenger got the features of VoIP calling before a few months. The recent “end to end encryption” feature has taken it to the class of the product of Apple. Users can send contacts, location and documents using this superfast messenger. Though you can’t get all the taste of Kik messenger in it, you can consider it as one of the available alternatives of Kik messenger.

We chat: We Chat is the premier chatting app in China and now-a-days it has covered almost all South Asia. Within few years it may cross the number of users of WhatsApp. It has all the standard features like stickers, voice calling and video calling also. Have some faith on this Chinese creation and we can assure you it will not disappoint you at all.

Hike: It’s an Indian initiative. It’s famous for its desi stickers with Indian regional languages. It provides free SMS if you use Hike daily, you can save penny in sending traditional SMS also. Hike has come up with some new updates like changing the background for each person and group as the latest update rolls out.

Skype: If we consider the video calling then there is no match of Skype. It’s considered as the father figure of video calling software. You need to just add the friends using the mails they are registered with. With a single tap, connect with the person who is thousand miles away.

Viber: It’s a new messaging service and not all of them are aware of it I guess though within very few years it comes up as the top dog of the world instant messaging platform. Just using the phone no you have in your phone you can register here and simply keep apart the needs of having user name and password.

LINE: The Japanese are not far behind. LINE is the product of a Japanese company named LINE Corporation. The only feature that differentiate LINE from the other messaging service is that the celebrities’ sticker like here in India, we have stickers of Katrina Kaif and moreover there are some contest like sending a sticker to a group for seven days and if you do this successfully without any fail, a certain amount will be credited to your phone number as balance,